Strategic Marketing Management

“World-class marketing is about having two things. First, a ravenous hunger for gaining insights into the opportunities and challenges that potential customers face; and second, disciplined processes for turning those insights into solutions that those customers will value highly.”

Department Chair and Associate Professor of Marketing

Strategic Marketing Management is about employing all the elements of marketing strategy to address a dynamic business environment. We help you understand how market-focused firms differ from less effective organizations. You’ll also learn how to select appropriate target markets for your firm and how to develop, maintain and enhance profitable long-term relationships with your customers.

In Strategic Marketing Management, you will:

  • Gain insight into how customers perceive value and select vendors.
  • Explore the characteristics of market-driven firms (and learn why you and your company should care about them).
  • Learn how well-executed market segmentation can help you better align your company’s strengths with the needs of customers.
  • Discover how to craft a powerful value proposition that focuses effort and wins customers.
  • Explore your company’s potential to offer customized solutions that provide the key benefits for which customers are willing to pay handsomely.