IBM Executive Presents to EMBA Alumni and Local Business Leaders

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April 17, 2014

By Lindsay Anderson

Bradley University’s Executive Development Center (EDC) hosted IBM Managing Director Mike Buoscio in March.  Buoscio presented “A Smarter Planet:  Leveraging Technology for Better Business” to Executive MBA alumni and local business leaders.

While stressing we all are living on a smarter planet — a world more connected, more collaborative and more data-driven than five years ago — Buoscio highlighted the fact that we are in a confluence of change, and that the world is seeing dramatic shifts like never before, with multiple shifts including data, Cloud data and social or mobile engagement.

 “Shifts are occurring all around us,” Buoscio said. “Traditional business models are under pressure, great products are no longer enough, and there is growing influence from vocal customers.  Social, mobile and cloud computing, together with big data and analytics, are changing how we live, work and interact.”

Buoscio’s noted that smarter enterprises meet these technology disrupters head-on and convert them into new opportunities for competitive advantage.

Attendees engaged in Buoscio’s presentation and then broke into small groups assessing a corporate problem, brainstorming solutions and then an implementation plan, revolving around key areas that Buoscio discussed.

Other takeaways of Buoscio’s presentation included a critical understanding of technology factors, a better comprehension of industry relevant examples of best of class enablement, a process on how to start a proactive dialogue to help advance each person’s company’s journey to become a smarter enterprise and learning how to embrace change.

Buoscio has decades of experience engaging top institutions around the globe.  He has developed unique insights and perspectives on the forces and shifts these technologies are causing and how companies and leaders can leverage them for business value, better client experiences, better workforce enablement and more.