Hosting Scholars

Visiting international scholars are usually researchers or professors in their home countries who come to collaborate on research or teaching programs with Bradley University departments; they may be hired as employees of Bradley or they may be visitors representing their universities abroad in a professional capacity for meetings at Bradley.

Most international scholars are invited to Bradley as:

  • Exchange Visitors (J-1 Visa)
  • Temporary Workers in a Specialty Position (H-1B Visa)

The visa type that is most appropriate depends on the purpose and activities of a scholar’s visit. See the chart below for details. If a B Tourist visa is more appropriate, see Inviting Visitors.

Visa Categories and Purpose of Visit

Purpose of Visit Visa Requirements Consult with OISSS
Share technologies in a particular field or train Bradley on equipment B, J-1 Yes
Collaborate with Bradley regarding a particular field or participate in a joint research project J-1 Yes
Consult with Bradley subject matter experts or conduct research with no benefits to Bradley B No
Teach or lecture to Bradley students B, J-1, H-1B Yes
To consult with business associates as a subcontractor to Bradley B No
To volunteer at a lab at Bradley J-1 Yes
To attend a scientific, educational, professional, or business convention/conference or seminar program B No
To visit campus as a prospective student or postdoc B No