Incidental Employment

While a J-1 scholar at Bradley, you may be invited to give guest lectures or consultations about your research or teaching program elsewhere throughout the U.S. Approval for incidental employment is your only option if you wish to engage in such activities for which you might receive anything in return including a benefit or a payment.

What is the definition of employment?

If you provide a service (such as giving a presentation or a consultation) or take advantage of a paid opportunity and receive anything in return (such as lodging and travel to a conference), this is seen as payment for services and may be considered incidental employment.

Scholars who receive funding or payment can be seen as independent contractors and must be aware of tax reporting and laws. Completing an I-9 or other forms may be necessary.

What is the definition of incidental?

Employment that is incidental should be composed of occasional, single or infrequent events. You may take part in lectures or consultations if they do not happen in an ongoing manner or interfere with your program at Bradley. They must be pre-approved by your department host and OISSS.


To meet the criteria set by immigration regulations, incidental employment must:

  • Be directly related to the objectives of your original program;
  • Be incidental to your primary program activities;
  • Not interrupt or delay the completion date of your program;
  • Be documented in SEVIS, after approval from the department host and OISSS.


If you receive an offer or opportunity that may be considered incidental employment, contact OISSS before accepting or engaging in the opportunity. OISSS staff will work with you for approval.