Dependents are defined as a spouse or an unmarried minor child (below 21 years of age) of the primary visa holder. A dependent must have their own I-20 or DS-2019 and appropriate visa.

F-2 Dependents

F-2 dependents may join the F-1 visa holder in the U.S. While in the U.S., F-2 dependents may:

  • Study – F-2 dependents can study part-time at Bradley University or a nearby post-secondary institution; F-2 dependent minor children can study full-time at a secondary school.
  • Work – F-2 dependents cannot work in the U.S.

J-2 Dependents

J-2 dependents may join the J-1 visa holder in the U.S. While in the U.S., J-2 dependents may:

  • Study – J-2 dependents can study part-time or full-time at Bradley University or a nearby institution.
  • Work – J-2 dependents can apply for work authorization through USCIS.

Documentation Required

In order to request to add a dependent to your immigration record, you must email copies of the following documents to ISS:

  • Dependent passport photo page
  • Proof of relationship with dependent (passport can be used if child’s passport lists you as a parent)
  • Proof of additional funding to cover dependent
    • 1st Dependent: $7,190
    • 2nd Dependent (and each dependent after 2nd): $3,595