Extramural Proposal, Contract, and Research Agreement Routing Procedure

As soon as possible, but no less than TEN days before the submission deadline

  • Submit to OSP via email (osp@bradley.edu), submit a(n):
    1. abstract, executive summary or the narrative (if available) for the proposed project
    2. budget with budget justification
    3. copy of the agency's program guidelines (RFP)
    4. After an initial review by the OSP office, Financial Services will be contacted to ensure that government, funding agency, and University budget policies have been followed. The chair of the department and the Center/Institute Director (if applicable) will also be contacted to ensure that they are aware that the proposal is being routed, and to give them time to identify funding for any compensation or cost-share commitments described in the proposal or budget.

Seven Days before the Submission Deadline

  • Route the transmittal form using Doc Soup (Access DocSoup via carta.bradley.edu/docsoup/ login Sponsored Programs Extramural Proposal Transmittal)
  • The supporting materials to be uploaded into Doc Soup includes the proposal narrative, Financial Services approved budget, Current and Pending Support forms, other applicable documents (abstract, broader impact statement, assurance forms, etc.), and a copy of the agency's program guidelines (RFP), if not available on a website.

Four Days before the Submission Deadline

  • The PI/PD should check Doc Soup to ensure that the chair/supervisor has approved the request to submit the proposal. The proposal will not be forward to others until the chair/supervisor has approved the submission.
  • After an additional review of the packet by OSP, it will be routed to Financial Services, your Dean or the Vice President in charge of your unit, the Center/Institute Director (if applicable), the Associate Vice President for Advancement (if applicable) for review and approval by each office, and any other offices that have been identified on the routing form.
  • You will be notified when your proposal has been fully reviewed and approved for submission. At this point, the budget cannot be modified unless all of the necessary approvals are obtained again.

Submitting the Proposal

  • In cases where a proposal must be submitted by an Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR), it is the PI/PDs responsibility to coordinate the submission with the Director of Sponsored Programs.
  • For all other proposals, it is the PI/PD's responsibility to mail or submit the proposal to the funding agency by the specified deadline. OSP will contact the PI/PD or their designate when the proposal has been approved for submission.