Internal Grant Programs

The Office of Sponsored Programs is pleased to administer internal grant programs for Bradley faculty and students to support their research, scholarship, and creative work. Please click on an opportunity in the menu bar to the left to learn about a specific grant program. Deadlines for the 2017-2018 year are as follows:

Research Excellence (RE) and Special Emphasis Student Engagement (SE):

The RE Program supports the research, scholarship, creative work, and professional development activities of the Bradley faculty. 

The SE Program supports the engagement of Bradley students (undergraduate and graduate) in established research, scholarship, creative work, and service opportunities under the mentor-ship of Bradley Faculty members and equivalents. 

The deadlines for the RE and SE programs will always fall on the Friday before Fall and Spring Break. For 2017-2018 the deadlines are: 

Cycle 1: Friday, October 6th, 2017

Cycle 2: Friday, March 9th 2018

Special Emphasis Student Travel (SEST):

Students may submit proposals to the SEST program to present their work in peer-reviewed or juried conferences, meetings, or events by any of the following deadlines during the 2016-17 year:

September 22nd (earliest travel start date of October 6th)

October 20th (earliest travel start date of November 3rd)

December 8th (earliest travel start date of December 22nd)

January 26th (earliest travel start date of February 8th)

March 23rd (earliest travel start date of April 6th)

April 27th (earliest travel start date of May 10th)

Summer Review Date: July 6th (earliest travel start date of July 20th)

SUBMITTING RE, SE, or SEST Proposals: 

We will no longer be using DocSoup for the submission of proposals to these grant programs. 

Instead, please submit your materials according to the appropriate guidelines via e-mail to: