Shared Use Instrumentation

Bradley University (BU) complies with the definitions and regulations pertaining to the ownership, acquisition and use of equipment as set forth in the Office of Management and Budget Uniform Guidance. This includes the ownership, maintenance, and use of instrumentation and equipment intended for research and scholarly purposes (referred to here as “Instruments”). This policy applies specifically to shared-use Instruments, or Instruments that may be used by more than one person or for more than one purpose. This policy is necessary to:

  1. Ensure fair and equitable access to Instruments;
  2. Ensure that Instruments are well-maintained and remain operational;
  3. Ensure appropriate research and educational use of Instruments;
  4. Avoid unnecessary downtime on Instruments; and
  5. Ensure compliance with federal regulations and guidelines for the acquisition, maintenance, and use of Instruments. (NSF, for example, requires the submission of management plans for the maintenance and shared use of instrumentation requested under the Major Research Instrumentation Program.)

All qualified BU researchers/scholars (internal users) shall have fair access to Instruments for research, scholarship, and educational purposes according to the specific protocols established for each Instrument. Instruments may also be made accessible to authorized external users according to established Instrument-specific protocols.  

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) will work with the appropriate BU colleges and departments to establish specific shared-use protocols for each shared-use Instrument. OSP has established standard definitions and guidelines for use in the development of shared-use protocols. Protocols will be reviewed by the Instrument Use Board comprised of the chairs of those departments that house and maintain shared-use instrumentation. The Instrument Use Board makes recommendations on protocols and any issues regarding implementation and enforcement to the appropriate College Deans. College Deans must approve Instrument shared-use protocols, with final authority residing with the Provost. On a bi-annual basis, this policy, and the Instrument shared-use protocols that stem from it, will be reviewed by the Provost, the Associate Provost for Research, the Deans of the Colleges, and others as deemed appropriate. 

Guidelines for establishing protocols can be accessed by CLICKING HERE

Currently, Bradley University has established shared use protocols for instrumentation in the Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Biology, and the Chemistry & Biochemistry Departments. Please click on the links below to see the protocols:

Waterjet Shared Use Protocol

Prototype Systems Shared Use Protocol

Nutrient Analysis Shared Use Protocol

Microwave and Wireless Engineering Laboratory Shared Use Protocol

Mund-Lagowski Department Chemistry and Biochemistry Instrument Shared Use Protocols