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Research Compensation

Extra Compensation Policy

  1. This policy establishes guidelines for determining the rate and amount of extra compensation that may be received by faculty and administrative staff members for activities performed through the University.
  2. Extra Compensation Rates for Federally Funded Grants and Sponsored Programs
    • The maximum rate of compensation for work performed by individuals participating in university-administered federally funded grants and sponsored programs shall be equal to that received for full-time university involvement except in cases where the sponsoring agency's policy specifies otherwise.
    • The maximum rate of compensation for these purposes shall be determined by the following formulas:
      • For academic year personnel hourly rate = Academic Year Salary divided by 1560 hours
      • For calendar year personnel hourly rate = Academic Year Salary divided by 2080 hours
  3. Extra Compensation Rates for Non-federally Funded Activities
    • The rate of compensation for participants with full-time academic year appointments should reflect the scope and difficulty of the project as well as the relative compensation for similar projects in the area of study. Unless prior approval is obtained from the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, the hourly rate of compensation cannot exceed twice the maximum hourly rate for federally-funded programs. This policy concerning rates of compensation will also apply to participants involved in projects outside of the nine-month academic year.
    • Individuals on administrative contracts shall not receive extra compensation from performance of administrative duties associated with sponsored research or programs.
    • Unclassified staff on twelve-month appointments as research associates (without faculty, professional or administrative status) shall not receive extra compensation for the performance of sponsored programs.
  4. Number of Hours for Which Extra Compensation Can Be Obtained
    • During the period of time in which participants are under full-time appointments, they are expected to carry out their contractual obligations to the University.
      • A participant who receives extra compensation through the University is limited to eight hours per week during the full-time appointment contract period except for holiday vacation or (for faculty) interim periods. During vacation holiday and (for faculty) interim periods, extra compensation is limited to 40 hours per week. The extent and distribution of this time commitment shall have the approval of the appropriate chairperson, director, or immediate supervisor and dean. The total time committed to professional consulting, continuing education commitments, and for grants and sponsored programs is not to exceed eight hours per week during periods in which participants are under full-time appointment with the exception of holiday vacation and (for faculty) interim periods.
      • During the summer participants will be limited to 40 hours per week.
      • Teaching a three-semester-hour course during the January Interim or a three-week summer session will be treated as a 40 hour per week commitment. Each three-semester hour course taught during a five-week summer session will be treated as a 20 hour per week commitment.
  5. Time and Expense Forms
    • All personnel receiving compensation will at appropriate intervals be required to fill out time and expense forms as requested by the University and/or sponsoring agency.
  6. Modifications
    • This policy can be modified on an individual-case basis where its enforcement would result in an unnecessary hardship on a faculty member, program, or the University. All such modifications will require prior approval by the participant's department chairperson, the dean, and the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Reassign-Time Funds Policy

The following procedure has been developed for the distribution of funds generated by the release of faculty to participate in externally funded grants and contracts. This funds distribution procedure has been implemented to encourage growth in the extent of externally funded grant and contract activity and the extent of faculty participation in these activities on a released-time basis. The amount of net funds generated by the release of faculty will be calculated as follows:



NFA Net funds available
CHR Credit hours released
SAL 9 month salary of released faculty
RCOST Cost of replacement (adjunct, visiting or faculty overload payment)
SCOST Additional search costs for replacement

All release time funds on grants are returned to the department/center generating them. However, all applicable costs for replacement of faculty/staff are deducted from the release time funds that are returned to the department/center. Release time can be calculated as a fraction of your teaching load. For example, 1 course release each semester where you are to teach 4 courses per semester would be 2/8 for an academic year. This depends, however, upon your departments’ standard teaching load.