BU Alumni Mentoring Program

Legal Alumni Mentoring Program

The Bradley University Legal Alumni Networking Program was established by the Pre-Law Center to provide an opportunity for our pre-law students to meet and interact with Bradley alumni who have gone onto law school and a wide variety of careers in the legal field. The Legal Alumni Mentoring Program provides students who are considering law school with a means of obtaining information about law schools that Bradley alumni are currently attending or have attended in the past, as well as career opportunities in law.

Many alumni have already agreed to serve as contacts for our pre-law students. Alumni volunteers can assist our students in many ways.  Some of the goals of the Pre-Law Center and the Legal Alumni Mentoring Program include:

  • Offering students one-on-one mentoring with experienced, practicing attorneys who can offer advice on choosing law schools and careers;
  • Creating internship and employment opportunities during the summer and throughout the academic year, providing students with insight into the legal professions;
  • Host career conferences for students at which established attorneys share their experiences and discuss options in the legal profession.

All Bradley alumni currently attending law school and law school graduates are encouraged to become a part of this new program.  If you are interested, please complete the BU Mentor Form.

If you have any questions, please contact the Bradley University Pre-Law Center at (309) 677-4200.