Internships facilitated by the Center for Legal Studies provide an opportunity for students considering law school or other legal professions to work in a legal office or courthouse in Peoria and other cities. Students observe what lawyers and other legal professionals actually do in their daily activities, and perform a variety of tasks that will help them determine if this is their career path. The internship also provides an excellent opportunity for students to establish contacts early on with professionals in the legal community and reflects to graduate schools a desire to commit to the profession.

With a federal and state courthouse located in Peoria, it serves as a regional center for legal and judicial services. Utilizing those services, The Center for Legal Studies offers an advanced internship that is individually structured to provide a rewarding and career building capstone experience.

Opportunities available to current students are listed with the Smith Career Center. Both current and prospective students are encouraged to contact the Director of the Center for Legal Studies with any questions.