McRoberts Memorial Law Scholarship

Hattie Feger McRoberts, who died on April 8, 1953, was the widow of William G. McRoberts, a prominent Peoria attorney. In her will, Mrs. McRoberts created a substantial scholarship fund for the purpose of helping deserving individuals from Peoria County who wish to study law. Since 1954, the scholarships have been provided for full-time study at any ABA accredited university or college that is qualified to confer a J.D. degree.


The recipient of a scholarship from the McRoberts Fund must meet the following qualifications:

  • The applicant must require financial assistance in order to obtain a legal education.
  • By the end of the current academic year, the applicant must have completed such high school and college courses as will enable immediate enrollment in an ABA accredited university or college that is qualified to confer a J.D. degree.
  • The applicant must have been a resident of Peoria County for five years immediately preceding selection.

Selection and Standards

Selection of those who are to receive scholarships will be made by a board of three Nominators, consisting of the Senior Circuit Judge of the Circuit Court of Peoria County, Illinois, the President of the Peoria Bar Association, and the President of the Board of Education of the City of Peoria.

While academic achievement in preparatory and undergraduate work is of some importance, an outstanding scholastic record is not necessarily a requirement for award of these scholarships. Serious consideration will be given to reputation, character, appearance, personality, and apparent aptitude for a career in law. Students with moderately good grade records are urged to apply if they need financial assistance, and can meet the other necessary qualifications.


The amount of each scholarship will be determined on the basis of actual financial need, and it is possible that in some cases awards will be made that cover not only tuition, but room, board, and other expenses as well. Scholarships are renewable each year provided the recipient continues to meet the qualifications and maintains a satisfactory record.


Application forms may be obtained by writing to PNC Bank, Attn: Janet DeRossett, 301 SW Adams Street, Peoria, IL 61602 or Completed applications must be postmarked by May 31, 2018 to be considered for the school year starting in the fall. A personal interview with the committee may be required of new applicants.