Study Opportunities

The intent of the Pre-Law Study Program is to develop the skills and knowledge base recommended by the ABA (American Bar Association) and AALS (American Association of Law Schools) for students interested in the study of Law.  Neither group recommends establishment of a specific pre-law major or minor.  However, at a minimum, the pre-law study program will include two required courses offered by the Pre-Law Center that are considered highly appropriate and beneficial for pre-law students.

Introductory Course

The first course will serve as an introductory survey course exposing students to various aspects of the legal profession.  The intent of the course will be to familiarize students with the legal profession in order to provide them with the knowledge necessary to determine whether or not a legal career is an appropriate choice for them.  The course will combine traditional instructor-led coursework with required student attendance at presentations from invited guest speakers focusing on various aspects of the legal system and professions associated with it. 

This course serves as an “intake course” for students pursuing pre-law activities at Bradley and allows the Pre-Law Center to initiate advisement and monitoring of these students at an early stage in their undergraduate careers.   This introductory course will be open to all Bradley students, thus allowing students from non-traditional pre-law majors, e.g., engineering, to consider a complementary pre-law focus to their studies.

Legal Internship

Students who have enrolled in the second pre-law course will be placed as interns in various legal settings in the Peoria area. These settings will include offices of attorneys in private practice, the offices of state and federal attorneys, and other legal institutions such as the county, state and federal courts. The purpose of the course is to give pre-law students intensive, first-hand experience with the legal profession.

Specialized Interests

Students wishing ultimately to specialize in a particular field of law, e.g., patent law, intellectual property, business law, or school law, may find it desirable to have some additional preparation unique to those areas, by pursuing coursework in those particular fields.