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Why We Need Partners

River Action League is a project run out of Bradley University Center for STEM Education by faculty, staff, students and volunteers. Without the generous annual support of other organizations, foundations and state agencies the valuable information River Action League provides to our community and the educational opportunities to conduct hands-on field research to students across the tri-county area would not be possible. River Action League strives annually to educate even more citizens on water quality issues. Growing this program involves staff time, equipment, training facilities, volunteers and much more. Read through the partnership categories to see just how you can get involved!

Partnership Levels

Lead Partners

Lead Partners assist with operational duties including but not limited to, housing River Action League office, housing website, providing staff time or an annual financial contribution of no less than $1,500.

Participating Partners

Participating Partners assist River Action League with the data monitoring through activities that include but are not limited to providing space for a training day, providing staff time to assist with trainings, citizen group leaders that host 2 or more outings annually or a one-time financial contribution of no less than $1,000.

Data Use Partners

Data use partners assist RAL with dissemination of data through citing data in printed or online reports, referencing data in presentations or sharing data through websites or social media outlets or a one-time financial contribution earmarked for data management, advertising data availability or other data publication activities of no less than $1,000.

Donor Partners

Donor Partners provide a one-time financial contribution or equipment donation of $1,000 or less.

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Current Partners

Lead Partners

  • Bradley University
  • Tri-County Regional Planning Commission