Citizen Group Leader Resources

Site Description Table

Getting ready to schedule a field kit check out? Be sure to check the Site Description Table, linked below, to select the site that you would like to test. If you don’t see a site that is convenient for you listed on the table, or if you have a specific spot that you would like to test, simply send an email with your preferred site location to The email should include clear directions to the stream that you are interested in and a description of the exact spot where testing will occur. River Action League staff will visit the site, make sure that it meets all of our safety requirements and let you know if it can be listed on the Site Description Table as a certified RAL site. 

Additional RAL Resources

All the forms that are required for field experiences are included in the field kit, but we have also provided links to them here for your convenience. 

  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Manual
  • Release and Waiver of Liability
  • Quality Assurance Certification
  • Post-Field Experience Survey

Other Resources

To make educating area students and citizens on water quality and watersheds as easy as possible we have provided links to many great resources!