Dr. Campbell recognized

October 25, 2012

Bradley University's Dean Campbell, Associate Professor in the Mund-Lagowski Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, has made a number of contributions to the area of chemistry education over the years. Some of Dean's nanotechnology-related hands-on activities, demonstrations, and laboratory activities have been listed in the Journal of Chemistry Education's promotion for National Chemistry Week.  This year's theme for celebrating the 25th Anniversary of National Chemistry Week (October 21-27, 2012) is  Nanotechnology: The Smallest BIG Idea in Science. Dean has also been active in science outreach and education to the public and is interested in continued science education collaborations.

Hands-On Activities

A Refrigerator Magnet Analog of Scanning-Probe Microscopy
Julie K. Lorenz , Joel A. Olson , Dean J. Campbell , George C. Lisensky and Arthur B. Ellis


An Exploration of the Nanoworld with LEGO Bricks
Dean J. Campbell, Josiah D. Miller, Stephen J. Bannon, and Lauren M. Obermaier
New Nanotech from an Ancient Material: Chemistry Demonstrations Involving Carbon-Based Soot
Dean J. Campbell, Mark J. Andrews, and Keith J. Stevenson

Laboratory Activities

Take-Home Nanochemistry: Fabrication of a Gold- or Silver-Containing Window Cling
Dean J. Campbell, Richard B. Villarreal, and Tamara J. Fitzjarrald
Patricia Berger, Nicholas B. Adelman, Katie J. Beckman, Dean J. Campbell, Arthur B. Ellis, and George C. Lisensky