Standards of Conduct Abroad

Bradley University is committed to establishing an optimum learning environment for all students enrolled in its programs abroad. Toward that end, the University requires that all students enrolled in its international programs adhere to a Code of Conduct. During their stay overseas, participants in Study Abroad programs are not only responsible for their own personal conduct, but for how their actions reflect on Bradley University and their country. If even a single individual abuses the hospitality of a host institution or community, the results can mean that many students can lose opportunities. It is important, therefore, that Study Abroad participants pay particular attention to acceptable norms of conduct in their respective host countries, and that they abide by those standards.

Most often, and under most circumstances, simple honesty, courtesy, restraint, and respect for the law are good guides for conduct anywhere. However, the BU International Programs Office has also articulated a set of conduct standards for all participants, and these standards are defined in detail in registration materials and in campus and on-site orientations. Some of these standards are defined below.

Academic Expectations

Bradley University faculty-led programs abroad are primarily academic programs. As such, academic expectations are substantial. Every student, for example, must attend a mandatory orientation session on campus. Unexcused absence from the orientation session can result in dismissal from the program and forfeiture of the program deposit, among other consequences. While they are abroad, students must attend every class session or equivalent activity. Unexcused absence from any class session or equivalent will result in a lowering of the final grade by one letter grade.

Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Alcohol and/or substance abuse in any form is unacceptable and carries serious consequences. Bradley programs abroad are not alcohol-free, but we cannot and will not tolerate alcohol consumption that could compromise a participant’s health or safety, or the health, safety, or comfort of others. Study Abroad participants cannot engage in problematic, abusive, or disruptive alcohol consumption, or alcohol consumption that compromises, or appears to compromise, academic performance.

BU programs abroad are zero-tolerance for substance abuse of any kind. Using illegal substances is automatic grounds for summary disenrollment. It also puts the user at grave risk of violating criminal laws in countries we visit. Don’t do it.

In sum, all program participants must be aware that alcohol abuse, and that any use of an illegal substance, constitute a grave violation of the Code of Conduct. The consequences for an individual will mean separation from the program with all intendant financial and academic consequences, including additional travel expenses, course failure, and possible on-campus judicial proceedings, among other consequences.


All student Study Abroad participants are required to maintain courteous, respectful contact with program directors, faculty and staff, service personnel, guides, other students, hotel staff members, staff at sites we visit, international academic colleagues and others affiliated with our international partner institutions, and all other individuals with whom the international academic programs bring us in contact.

The standards outlined here do not comprise a comprehensive account of all documents in the BU International Programs Office “Standards for Student Conduct” and “Code of Conduct,” but are intended to represent core standards in these documents.