Mission Statement

The International Programs Office at Bradley University is committed to nurturing the development of students as citizens of a complex global community. Our goal is to prepare individuals for life and professions in a changing world by enabling our students to cross academic, geographic, and cultural boundaries.

We are dedicated to enriching the intellectual lives of our students, faculty, staff, and community by facilitating international academic programs; fostering an internationalized curriculum on-campus; supporting faculty development, research, and engagement with international issues; and encouraging collaborative engagement with constituencies, institutions, and communities that represent global diversity.

A distinctive feature of Bradley University is that we offer students a broad range of opportunities for international academic experiences. Programs of study for a semester or a year are available in more than 25 countries. Bradley students can also experience short-term intensive academic programs offered abroad by Bradley faculty members. These unique programs combine academic rigor with directed cultural encounters in some of the most interesting venues in the world. In Bradley’s short-term intensive programs abroad, students and faculty from different colleges and research orientations form collaborative communities that cross disciplinary boundaries at the same time they cross cultural boundaries.

On campus, the International Programs Office engages faculty, students, and staff in our deep commitment to an internationalized curriculum, represented by our university-wide Global Scholars Programs and their numerous related activities, events, and intellectual undertakings. We believe that members of a global campus can cross borders even without traveling, and we work toward that end by promoting a critical awareness of world issues; engaging knowledge of and appreciation for other cultures, languages and belief systems; and committing to educating active,  responsible global citizens.

At Bradley University, we acknowledge a collective responsibility for contributing to a global future. The International Programs Office is proud that its mission constitutes a bedrock goal of a university education: to foster commitment to the values of civility, diversity, and informed respect for the individual and for cultures that are not our own.