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While it seems unlikely that the global health situation will stabilize enough for international travel and international academic programs to resume soon, we continue to monitor the status in regards to Bradley's January 2021 program in London.

If you planned to pre-register for the January 2021 program in London, you may still do so.

Pre-registration does not commit you to anything and does not require a deposit. It DOES aid the Study Abroad Office document interest, which helps our planning for future interim programs overseas. It also ensures that we will keep you updated on January 2021 and beyond!

Classes Available

  ART 300: Creative Strategy (Graphic Design)

  Prof. Gary Will, Department of Art and Design

This popular course complements the existing graphic design program within the Department of Art and Design. It will ultimately enlighten and educate students on the fundamentals of creative strategy and execution through intensive hands-on exercises and experiential learning opportunities with London-based companies. ART 300 will also generate additional projects toward senior portfolios while encouraging students to work both individually and in teams. Everyone taking this course will learn to utilize a unique set of creative thinking ’tools’ presented to them as a central part of the Creative Strategy syllabus. Graphic design majors will be given priority for seats on this course, followed by minors (juniors and seniors only).

  ART 300: Creative Travel Journaling: A Visual Experience

  Prof. Oscar Gillespie, Department of Art and Design

London is full of rich imagery, from Tower Bridge to St. Paul's Cathedral and Trafalgar Square. There is the British Museum, the Tate Modern, the National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, National Academy and the Soane Collection. Oxford University and its Ashmolean Museum are just a 50-minute train ride. This rich environment provides students taking ART 300 with a wonderful opportunity to visualize their experiences through the mediums of drawing, painting and note-taking in the form of a creative travel journal. Art majors and minors are welcome to take this course with the consent of Professor Gillespie and the department chair. (Minimum 2.50 GPA required.) It will satisfy upper-level requirements and comes with an E.L. tag to boot.

  CIV 101 Western Civilization to 1600 (BCC MI)

  Dr. John Nielsen, Department of History

CIV 101 takes advantage of the many resources in London and southern England to examine the emergence and development of Western civilization from prehistory to early modernity. The British Museum holds one of the world's best collections of Mesopotamian, Egyptian and Greek artifacts. More importantly, London and southern England possess sites that allow students to engage firsthand with the histories of the Roman Empire; the growth of Christianity; the Norman conquest and the Middle Ages; the struggle between the Roman Catholic Church and the English monarchy at Canterbury; the foundation of one of the first universities at Oxford; the Protestant Reformation in Tudor England; and the emergence of a middle class as witnessed in Chaucer and Shakespeare.

  ENG 302: Travel Writing (BCC W2)

  Department of English

Intensive practice in travel writing techniques of narration, description, analysis and evaluation, while you are traveling abroad. Does it get any better than this? Prerequisite: ENG 101 or CIV 111-112; junior standing

  ETE 280: Exploring Diversity: Learners, Families, And Communities (BCC WC)

  Prof. Patricia Nugent, Department of Teacher Education

You will have many chances to see the sights and diverse opportunities offered in London. We will see the city and connect with its cultural diversity through scavenger hunts, ethnic restaurants, talking to people who live in the area, and visiting the British Museum, Tower of London and other destinations throughout the city. For the first time, next year, we plan to see a live performance of the musical "Everybody’s Talking About Jamie." The show portrays a 16-year-old gay man who — with the support of his single-parent mum, Muslim friend and friends from the drag community — overcomes bullies, stereotypes, and his low social-status to become a drag queen. The show is moving and addresses many diversity issues discussed in the course.

ETE 280 uses critical theory to look at the socialization and enculturation of learners in the context of their families, communities and cultures in the USA and the U.K. In this Gen. Ed. (CD) Bradley Core Curriculum (WC) course, you will be challenged to investigate the socialization and enculturation of learners in the context of their families, communities and cultures. Awareness, acceptance and appreciation of diversity — whether resulting from cultural or ability differences — is discussed. Emphasis is on communication with key partners in the educational process and identification of services to assist families. Professional advocacy that supports an inclusionary, multicultural, antiracist, democratic, non-sexist and global curriculum will be analyzed.

  ETE 260: Children’s Literature

  Dr. Heljä Antola Crowe, Department of Teacher Education

London is an inspiring surrounding in which to study children's literature. Your childhood favorites of Roald Dahl, Enid Blyton, C.S. Lewis, Raymond Briggs, A.A. Milne, Lewis Carroll and Beatrix Potter will come alive on your trip to England. We will visit The British Library, where we can explore Dickens, Austen and Keats. The British Museum has a children’s section as well as a lot of history. Charles Dickens House Museum and “The London That Inspired Harry Potter Tour” (the Harry Potter Walk) will be on our agenda, and we will have a chance to visit The Teddy Bear Museum. Prerequisite: major in an education program or consent of department chair.

  FCS 300: Consumer Issues (BCC SB)

  Dr. Kara Wolfe, Chair, Department of FCS

In FCS 300, as you experience London, we’ll study a vast array of consumer issues from food and beverage topics to wellness, the influence of advertising, product brands and much more. Investigate consumer rights, responsibilities and ethics from an international perspective.

FCS majors: you can enroll in FCS 401 Independent Study. Speak with Dr. Wolfe for more information.

  HS 380: Disability and Health in a Global Society (BCC GP, WI Writing Intensive)

  Dr. Melissa Peterson

Explore issues affecting individuals with disabilities using the museums, shops, restaurants and public transport of London as your textbook. You'll learn how ideas about health, illness and disability have evolved by visiting museums, libraries and healthcare facilities rich in artifacts accumulated over centuries. How would an individual with a mobility limitation travel through London for work, school or leisure? You'll learn firsthand by planning a trip using the London Underground's accessible routes. Finally, we'll explore the differences and similarities between the U.S. and the U.K. in health care availability, education, cultural practices and the physical environment. This course fulfills the BCC WI (Writing Intensive) requirement.

  LAS 325 (BCC GP/GS) or, for PLS or IS majors or minors, PLS 302/IS 475: U.S.-British Relations

  Prof. Christopher Jones, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Professor of Political Science

This course examines the development and present state of the “special relationship” between the United Kingdom and the United States. The historian Paul Johnson called it the "cornerstone of the modern democratic world order." This introductory inquiry will probe the relationship through the changing power roles of both countries in the 20th and 21st centuries. International relations theories, domestic political factors, case study exercises and multiple policy areas — defense, intelligence, diplomacy and trade — will be used to explore one of the world’s most enduring and important bilateral relationships. London's location will truly enhance the study of this subject through class-related visits which may include: the U.S. Embassy; Parliament of the United Kingdom; Churchill War Rooms; Whitehall; Imperial War Museum; London School of Economics and Political Science; Benjamin Franklin House; and the American War Memorial Chapel at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

  NUR 433/NUR 533 International Health and Nursing

  Prof. Deb Erickson, Department of Nursing

  Prof. Tim Koetzlow, Department of Psychology

  RLS 331: Religions of the Eastern World

  Dr. Dan Getz, Department of Religious Studies

In this course, you’ll encounter the vast cultural and religious diversity of one of the world’s truly great cities — AND you’ll have a terrific guide in Dan Getz, professor of religious studies and serious expert on Eastern religions. THIS IS THE BCC COURSE OF YOUR DREAMS! Your class-related excursions will include a visit to the largest Hindu temple outside of India, other sites of historical and cultural interest and even a meal in London’s Chinatown (your professor speaks Chinese!).

  THE 131 Introduction to Theater (BCC FA) or THE 494

  Prof. Chad Lowell, Department of Theater Arts

The legendary London theatre class is back!

Experience six-to-eight productions, two backstage tours, workshops at the Globe Theatre, a trip to Stratford-upon-Avon, four museums and more. For questions about the course, contact professor Chad Lowell in the theatre department or stop by Study Abroad in 246 BR.

Note: This course requires a $275 surcharge for theater tickets, and we promise it is worth every penny!


Pre-register online beginning March 23. Secure your registration in person at 8:30 am Thursday, April 23, in the Student Center Ballroom, where you will enroll in order of cumulative credit hours until classes reach enrollment limits. A $500 non-refundable deposit will be required to secure your registration. When you sign up, we will give you instructions on how to pay your deposit. After April 23, you can enroll in the Study Abroad Office in 246 Bradley Hall for any remaining available seats.

All students must have a minimum 2.5 GPA established at Bradley to participate in a course taught abroad. Are you a first-year student or transfer student who is confident that your first on-campus GPA will be above 2.5? You can also pre-register! (Note: You must achieve at least a 2.5 GPA both at midterms and at the end of the semester to remain enrolled.)

Program Details

   January 1 - 17, 2021


Comprehensive fee of $4,100 includes:

  • Round-trip airfare from Chicago O'Hare
  • Twin accommodations in central London with private bath and breakfast daily
  • Tuition for your 3-credit course AND textbooks (yes!) 
  • A half-day guided city tour, full London guidebook, and a public transportation pass for the length of your stay so you can enjoy your newfound knowledge of the city
  • International Student Identity Card
  • Class-related excursions and site visits to museums, galleries, sites of historical and cultural interest, and more!

Travel Insurance

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