Global Scholars Program

University is committed to developing students as citizens of a complex global community. Our goal is to prepare individuals for life and professions in a changing world by enabling our students to cross academic, geographic, and cultural boundaries.

 Part of that commitment is reflected in Bradley’s Global Scholars Programs, which are offered to students in most majors. These programs of study give students a strong background in global studies by expanding cross-cultural knowledge presented in a global framework. The curriculum leverages the extraordinary value of a highly selective group of courses from both a student’s major and from the University’s General Education courses across academic disciplines, as well as foreign language study and study abroad.

 Global Scholars Programs at Bradley provide indispensable exposure to global and cultural forces. They serve as a springboard of new information and ideas, vital competencies and skill sets critical to a competitive job market. Pursuing any Global Scholars Program is optional, and will be integrated into your undergraduate studies.

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