Financial Assistance

Bradley University students who study abroad at one of the institutions listed as an “Affiliated Program for Study Abroad” pay Bradley tuition. Your personal financial assistance package may apply. Check with the financial assistance office. These Affiliated Programs include a wide range of programs for students in any major. Curricular offerings range from foreign-language intensive programs to English-language programs in the U.K., Ireland, and Australia, as well as in European programs in Copenhagen, Rome, Amsterdam, and Prague, among others! At an affiliated program, students also experience other benefits; for example, courses taken at an affiliated program count toward the BU graduation requirement that 24 of the last 30 semester hours be earned "in residence" on the BU campus.

Bradley financial aid for study abroad is available only for study comprising at least a full-time academic semester abroad. Students must register for, and successfully complete, a minimum of 12 hours of academic credit. In order to transfer courses as academic credit, a student must earn the equivalent of at least a C grade in each course. NOTE: BU financial aid is NOT available to any student who requires fewer than 12 hours of academic credit to graduate.

Under most circumstances, students who use their Bradley financial aid package for study abroad are expected to return for at least one full semester on the Bradley campus before graduation. If you anticipate an exception to this, plan in advance by consulting with the Director of International Programs. 

For details, consult the International Programs Office located in room 325 GCC or the Office of Financial Assistance located in room 100 Swords Hall.

Also consider the following national awards for well qualified students: