Duryea Parking Deck

InterMedia Center

In August 2009, the Department of Theatre Arts and the Department of Interactive Media took possession of the former exercise room in Heitz Hall and began converting the space into the InterMedia Center, a 900 sq. ft. classroom and workspace to develop the collaborative intermedial projects that have gain national and international attention.

The purpose of the IMC is to facilitate and encourage innovative intermedial research, creative production, education, and collaboration among interactive media, electronic media, computer science, engineering, and the arts for the purpose of advancing the creative integration of technology, visualization, and interactivity. The IMC is consistent with the strategic direction of the university, highlighting Bradley’s commitment to excellence in research and creative production, student - faculty collaboration, and innovative use of Internet2 technologies.

During the 2009-2010 academic year, the space was utilized to support six productions: Bradley University Theatre’s 2009 production of A Christmas Carol, two interactive installation pieces base on the poetry of Kevin Stein, a new interactive performance piece, Peep Show, schedule for Spring 2011, a piece for the Lincoln memorial, and The Soldier’s Tale, created in collaboration with the Heartland Symphony and presented in November 2009. This space is a welcome addition, offering a significant shared facility that expands departmental offerings.

In the summer of 2011, the InterMedia Center will relocate to a new space on campus due to renovations in Heitz Hall. The new space will be located adjacent to the new Costume Studio.