Global Scholars students complete two one-semester hour international seminars. Faculty members or community leaders proficient in a variety of international topics direct the seminars.   A different seminars is offered each semester. The following is a list of seminars that have been taught through the Slane College of Communications and Fine Global Scholars program.

Asian Theatre Forms

Spring 2019 - Travis Stern, Department of Theatre Arts

Voyage to the East:  Cultural Heritage and Culture

Fall 2018 - Grace Wang, Department of Communication

Eurovision Politics

Spring 2017 - Dunja Antinomic, Department of Communication

Denmark- Not Just Legos

Fall 2016 - David Vroman, Department of Music

Contemporary China

Spring 2016 - Quan Xie, Department of Communication

Understanding Eastern Europe

Fall 2015 - Bradley University faculty

Korean Cultural Wave

Spring 2015 - Ji Young Kim, Department of Communication

Flying Through South America

Fall 2014  Bradley University faculty and Peoria area professionals

Russia History vs Future

Spring 2014 - Angela Weck, Institute of International Studies. Peoria Area World Affairs Council

Art Through Europe 

Fall 2013 - Department of Art Professors Margaret LeJeune, Randy Carlson, Paul Krainak

Israel: An Inside View

Spring 2013 - Jewish Federation of Peoria

Ireland: A Pot of Gold

Fall 2012 - Bradley University and Peoria area instructors

A cultural and historical examination of Ireland

Global News Media

Spring 2012 - Abby Rhodes, Assistant Director Web Content Bradley University 

Korea, Be Inspired

Fall 2011 - Department of Communication Professor, Dr. Taejun Lee 

Global Scholars in a Virtual World - Second Life

Spring 2011 - Department of Interactive Media Professor, Dr. Edward Lamoureux 

Mysterious Russia

Fall 2010 - Dr. Alexey Sverdlin

Romanian Encounters

Spring 2010 - Department of Communication Professor, Dr. Elena Gabor

Cultural View of Italy

Fall 2009 - Department of Music Professor Dr. Todd Kelly 

Insider's Perspective of Israel

Spring 2009 - Jewish Federation of Peoria

Globalization of Africa

Fall 2008 - Department of Communication Professors Maha Bashri, Olatunji Dare, Greg Pitts 

Media and Culture of Iran

Spring 2008 - Department of Communication Professor Ali Zohooi 

Around the World through Global Scholars

Fall 2007 - SCCFA Associate Dean B.J. Lawrence 

The History of BBC Radio Comedy

Spring 2007 - Art Professor Gary Will

Global Advertising in China

Fall 2006 - Department of Communication Professor Daniel Ng

Expropriating Shakespeare

Spring 2006 - Department of Theatre Arts Professor Doug Rosson

Communication and National Development

Fall 2005 - Department Communication Professor Greg Pitts

Music, Power, and Politics

Spring 2005 - Department of Music Professor John Jost

International Travel: A Survival Guide

Fall 2004 - Department of Communication Professor John Schweitzer

Julie Taymor and The Lion King

Spring 2004 - Department of Theatre Arts Professor James Ludwig

The Role of the Media in Transitional Countries

Fall 2003 - Department of Communication Professor Greg Pitts

Eastern European Theatre and Arts

Spring 2003 - Department of Theatre Arts Professor Dennis Beck

Newly Emerging Democracies in Southeastern Europe

Fall 2002 - Department of Communication Professor Sharon Murphy

How Americans Are Depicted in the World Press

Spring 2002 - Department of Theatre Arts Professor James Ludwig

International Design

Fall 2001 - Department of Art Professor Harold Linton

Understanding Global Cultures: A Journey to Selected Countries

Spring 2001 - Department of Communication Professor John Schweitzer

Student to Student Perspectives

Fall 2000 - Department of Theatre Arts Professor James Ludwig

Professors’ Perspectives on Global Communication Issues

Spring 2000 - Department of Communication Professor Hong Cheng