Financial Costs for the Bradley University Hollywood Semester Fall 2019

The cost to attend Bradley University Hollywood Semester is based on Bradley University tuition rate and Hollywood Semester fees.

Bradley tuition                         $17,100

Program Fee                               2,000

Health/Activity fee                         205     

Oakwood Housing                       5,273

Total Program Cost                  $24,578


Semester Payments are made through Bradley Student Financial Aid office.  Payments are arranged as one would a semester in Peoria, IL

Please see Mel Betts or Michelle Eaton in Swords 100, Student Financial Aid, for financial and billing information

All Financial Aid provided to the student may be applied to the Hollywood Semester.

Students attending Bradley with tuition remission must check with Financial Aid before applying for the Hollywood Semester.

Housing cost is established by Churchill Living in Los Angeles. Students live in the Oakwood Apartments, Toluca Hills, Burbank. The cost is based on a 2-bedroom, 4-person unit.  The apartments are fully furnished.  A parking pass for Oakwood is included in the housing cost.

Extra Expenses:

  • Transportation to and from Los Angeles
  • Transportation while in Los Angeles (there is very limited public transportation)  A car is recommended
  • Food
  • Extra expenses incurred by each individual students