Disciplinary Matters

Bradley University students attending the Hollywood Semester program in Los Angeles are held the Standards of Conduct and University Policies as stated in the 2016-2017 Bradley University Student Handbook.

Violations of the Standards of Conduct are processed by the Bradley University Center for Residential Living and Leadership. Hearings may be held and sanctions may be imposed as appropriate in a given case. One accused of a violation of the Standards of Conduct is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Bradley University students must abide by all University regulations.

Health Insurance Requirement

All participants from Bradley University are required to hold health insurance coverage for the duration of their participation in the Bradley University Hollywood Semester in Los Angeles Program. Bradley University is responsible for ensuring that all nominated students are in compliance with this requirement of participation in the program.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Coverage Requirement

Students of Bradley University, who will be living in the Oakwood Apartments  are be provided with Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage on a primary basis by Bradley University in the amounts stated below with no deductible:  

  • Accidental Death Benefit - $10,000
  • Maximum Medical Benefit - $20,000