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Projections of a Creative Mind

Projections of a Creative Mind was an inclusive show curated by Haley Funk, a double major in Art and Design and Psychology.  This exhibition was held in Heuser Art Gallery on August 9th and featured the work of Bradley Pack and Rebecca Verity, as well as a collective fabric mural completed by the community.

Verity describes her artistic process as a sort of transport. She often times gets lost in the exploration of her work, as her mind and persona become unified through her creative discipline. She feels as if art is an extension of herself, a creative outlet for coping, and a two-dimensional manifestation of who she is as a person. “My art is like a mirror,” a reflection of her thoughts, feelings, and muses, in other words, a direct reflection of herself. Verity has won first place for her work in multiple competitions and continues to push the notion that art does not have to contain a convoluted purpose 
sometimes she creates simply for the enjoyment of the process, rather than pursuing the why.

Pack stated that he began creating work in the early stages of his life, as a necessity to communicate and innovate self-expression at a young age. Art is a natural tendency for Pack, and he believes he’s found an escape in its therapeutic nature. There’s a sense of accord and fervor after finding a community of like-minded artists who have also found release through their creative processes. Pack believes his work is ultimately a persona, a mask or “act,” if you will, that allows the world to perceive pieces of his life and his psyche. His distinguished paintings often times feature a stark black and white background, the female form, and contrasting abstract shapes.

Verity and Pack find similar ground in using art as a tool to communicate, heal, and create an avenue for social openness and support.