The speech team has won its second national championship within a two-week period. The team won the National Forensics Association title last weekend in California.

The title is the program’s 43rd since 1980, the most by any team in the nation. Bradley edged out Western Kentucky, University of Texas Austin, Ball State and Northwestern in the top five.

The team also won the American Forensics Association championship two weeks ago. It is the first time the team has won both national championships in one year since 2013.

Junior creative writing and journalism double major Brenna Fuhr said winning the first championship provided a relief going into the NFA tournament.

“It was amazing how the mindset changed from winning one of them to approaching the other one,” Fuhr said. “Winning was just the icing on the cake. We weren’t worried about winning. We were just there to have fun and share our messages.”

Individually, two Bradley team members won national titles. Junior public relations major Trijae Johnson took first in program oral interpretation and duo interpretation with sophomore political science Joshua Beckles.

Fuhr finished fourth in persuasive speaking and eighth in individual sweepstakes. She performed in seven events, which is challenging to her.

“[My events] had so many sources like New York Times and Washington Post and sometimes they were in all them,” Fuhr said. “It’s a lot, but I have so much fun with it. I only do topics that I want to do and only share messages I want to advocate for.”

The team will have a celebration at 2 p.m. today at the Caterpillar Global Communications Center. Peoria mayor Jim Ardis, university president Gary Roberts, provost Walter Zakahi and team president Megan Magee will speak at the event.

Article printed with permission The Scout, April 26, 2019, Vol. 123, No. 23