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About Us

Bradley University is one of 24 schools across the country participating in the Industrial Assessment Center program, having performed over 450 energy assessments for small manufacturers throughout Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri since its inception in 1993. In addition to providing free assessments to small and mid-sized manufacturers, the Industrial Assessment Center also serves as a training ground for the next generation of energy-savvy engineers.

The Federal Government has been funding industrial assessments for manufacturing firms under the auspices of the Industrial Assessment Center program (formerly the Energy Analysis and Diagnostic Center program) since 1976. As a component of the National Energy Strategy, the IAC program is a major conservation initiative of the US Department of Energy. The program has been highly successful since its start with four schools in 1976 to the current twenty-four universities in 2015.

Program management for the Industrial Assessment Centers is provided by the Center for Advanced Energy Systems at Rutgers University. The field managers provide valuable feedback on the reports produced by each center. Additionally, Rutgers maintains a database of all recommendations made by all centers since 1981. This database is available online at this link.

For more in-depth information on the program, please check out the Department of Energy's website on the topic.