New officers bring new energy to Chi Sigma Iota

Back row, left to right: Amy Biegler, Dr. Nancy Sherman, Rachel Wilkinson, Brittany Ellicott, Mallory Hippler, Caitlin Banister. Seated, left to right: Jason DeFord and Robert Lucia.

June 7, 2011

The Beta Phi Chapter of Chi Sigma Iota recently elected new officers.


Rachel Buchheit – president

Robert Lucia –  vice president

Mallory Hippler – secretary

Caitlin Banister – treasurer

Brittany Ellicott – school counseling representative

Jason DeFord – clinical mental health counseling representative

Sheri Lamie – newsletter editor


Dr. Nancy Sherman serves as the organization’s faculty advisor.

Chi Sigma Iota is the Counseling Academic and Professional Honor Society, International.

“Our mission is to promote excellence in the profession of counseling,” Sherman said.

The chapter sponsored many events last year, including a garage sale to raise money for the Beta Phi Practicum/Internship Scholarship, which is awarded each year. Caitlin Banister is this year’s recipient.

“It felt really good when I got the scholarship. It validated that my goals mean something to other people, not just myself. It made me feel like my hard work over the last two years has paid off, which is ironic because my work in counseling is really just beginning,” Banister said.

The group also sponsored a back-to-school social for the Human Development Counseling Program at Kelleher’s restaurant, a professional development seminar on license and credentialing in counseling, a toy drive for the Grandparents Raising Grandchildren holiday party, and a Comprehensive Exam study workshop.

“This coming year, we hope to accomplish all of last year’s activities, as well as some additional ones, such as sponsoring a nationally-recognized speaker for a counseling-related workshop,” Sherman said.

Banister said that the group wants to add an advocacy component to this year’s agenda.

“Advocacy, both for our profession and for our clients, is so important for improving the quality of the services counselors provide,” Banister said.

She has high hopes for the upcoming year and the new president.

“Rachel has a solid vision for the upcoming year. She is ambitious and enthusiastic, so I think we are going to have a fantastic year,” Banister said.

“This year, Chi Sigma Iota has set many goals. Overall, we would like to motivate counseling students, faculty, and alumni to become more involved with Chi Sigma Iota sponsored events,” Buchheit said.

Lucia, the newly elected vice president, joined the chapter for many reasons.

“What is unique about Chi Sigma Iota is that there is involvement from BU Alumni, which was very appealing to me. It just seemed like a great way to get your name out, network, and have a little fun,” Lucia said.

He also values the friendships he has made through his participation and the support the group offers.

“I think any graduate from our program would say that in your final year, the internship year, you become really close with your peers and your professors. They become a really strong support system, and Chi Sigma Iota helps strengthen that bond and create new connections outside the classroom,” Lucia said.

Buchheit enjoys the flexibility she gets, but also being able to see the rewards for the time she gives.

“Chi Sigma Iota gives me the chance to be as involved as much as I want. I’ve really come to appreciate the saying, ‘what you put into it is what you will get out of it,’” Buchheit said.