Dr. Chang-Ok Choi begins post as FCS department chair

Dr. Chang-Ok Choi

September 6, 2011

By Tim Belter ’13

Dr. Chang-Ok Choi has taken over as chairperson of the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences from retiring professor Dr. Nina Collins. Dr. Choi has a long history with the FCS department and has taught at Bradley since 1987.

Dr. Choi says she is excited to continue the growth of the FCS department and oversee new programs like the undergraduate Hospitality Leadership major, which debuted this semester, and the graduate-level dietetics internship and certificate program, now in its second year.

“We are in a good position to continue our traditions and continue to grow,” said Dr. Choi. “I would like to nurture the department and get our new programs established.”

Dr. Choi plans to continue Dr. Collins’ expansion of the department. Currently, Dr. Choi and other members of the department are discussing steps such as expanding the dietetics internship into a full-fledged master’s program. Dr. Choi also plans to continue the department’s tradition of undergraduate research. Dr. Choi has worked closely with many undergraduate researchers as a faculty mentor.

Dr. Choi credits generous support from University officials and alumni as some of the driving forces behind the department’s recent progress. She also cites the leadership of departing chair Dr. Collins.

“Dr. Collins was one of the best department chairs at Bradley and is a very wonderful person,” said Dr. Choi. “I have large shoes to fill.”

Dr. Collins expressed her belief in a bright future for the department under the guidance of her longtime colleague.

“Dr. Choi is a highly respected faculty member and has a good understanding of the complexities of the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences,” she said.  “I have great confidence in her ability to be a respected department chair and an excellent leader.”