Nursing chair recognized for teaching and research

Dr. Francesca Armmer instructs a Bradley nursing student.

October 7, 2011

By Tim Belter ’13

Dr. Francesca Armmer didn’t expect to win anything when she attended the recent Central Illinois Agency on Aging (CIAOA) luncheon. When one of the presenters began to speak about the accomplishments of the winner of the Dr. Jean C. Aldag Award, Dr. Armmer didn’t even realize she was listening to her own biography of achievements. It wasn’t until the presenter finally announced her name that she was the winner.

“I had no idea,” said Dr. Armmer. “It was a very pleasant surprise and an honor.”

The Central Illinois Agency on Aging Dr. Jean C. Aldag Award recognizes excellence in education and research, particularly in the social sciences. The CIAOA promotes awareness of various issues in the community, particularly relating to the elderly. Dr. Armmer has volunteered with the CIAOA, and members of the organization have spoken to her classes about health politics.

Dr. Armmer expressed great admiration for Dr. Aldag, a respected researcher and educator and faculty member at the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Peoria, and was delighted to receive the award directly from her.

“I was grateful, honored and incredibly surprised,” said Dr. Armmer. “Receiving the award from Dr. Aldag herself was an over-the-top, value-added experience.”