Grad students, faculty head to Springfield

April 8, 2013

By Frank Radosevich II

Students and faculty of Bradley’s Department of Leadership in Education, Human Services, and Counseling traveled to Springfield March 27to advocate for two bills on school counseling and mental health.

Five graduate students from the department—Christine Carrell, Emily Shelton, Angie Lee, Shauna Summers and Teresa Markum—headed down with three faculty members for meetings with Illinois state senators and representatives at the Illinois Capitol.

Before the meetings, the students and faculty learned more about the bills—House Bill 1002, which would add a school counselor as a member to the State Educator Preparation and Licensure Board; and House Bill 1005, which would include a licensed clinical professional counselor as an official who could sign a written order of restraint or seclusion to prevent a person from causing physical harm to self or others.

“It was great for students,” said Dr. Nancy Sherman, professor and clinical coordinator who traveled with the students. “They learned how to advocate for bills that are important to our profession.”