Hospitality Major Interns at SeaWorld

October 1, 2013

Hospitality major Emily Carpenter ’14, completed an internship at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida, last summer after studying abroad in London in January 2013, Emily sought an internship outside of Illinois so she could experience a larger hospitality industry with tourists from around the world. As one who always loved marine life, when she noticed an internship offer on SeaWorld’s website, she applied and was accepted into the College Experience Internship Theme Park track in the department of park operations, one of the three internships offered by the company. During the internship she learned some of the main skills associated with theme-park operations.

“Along with the internship, I learned about the company and about leadership opportunities in the park,” Emily said. She attended four professional development classes, two behind-the-scenes tours and an animal-care experts seminar, where she learned about animal care in the park.

Next year, Emily will apply for Leadership Internship at SeaWorld. “I will try to make more connections so I can apply for a job there after I complete a second internship,” she said. “I love the atmosphere of Sea World and Orlando.”