Free Trade Agreement Assistance

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Since 1994, we have helped hundreds of Illinois companies capitalize on the potential of Free Trade Agreements (FTA) around the world, including the state’s two top export destinations – Canada and Mexico. Currently known as USMCA (United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement). Whether your company is new to international trade or has already established export markets, contact us to maximize your export potential to the many U.S. Free Trade Agreements.

Our services include:

  • One-on-one counseling on export issues, confidential and at no cost
  • Trade flow research that allows you to determine the top export markets for your product
  • International Agent/Distributor searches that help you find the right partner in the right market
  • NAFTA Certificate of Origin consultation
  • Other FTA Certificates of Origin consultation
  • Classification of Goods under the Harmonized System
  • Interpretation of Preferential Rules of Origin
  • Valuation for the potential impact that a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) holds for your company
  • Customized on-site FTA compliance training
  • Analysis of Export Administration Regulations
  • Tariff Engineering, which provides a Tariff Analysis for raw materials and components that enters in production of the finished good to evaluate the best duty rate
  • Interpretation and Analysis of Normas Oficiales Mexicanas (NOMs)
  • Analysis of Canadian product labeling requirements
  • CGBP Seminars to obtain the national CGBP Certification
  • Pre-Audit in regard to export documentation and compliance

    The following countries, currently hold a Free Trade Agreement with the United States.
    -  Australia
    -  Bahrain
    -  Canada
    -  Chile
    -  Colombia
    -  Costa Rica
    -  Dominican Republic
    -  El Salvador
    -  Guatemala
    -  Honduras
    -  Israel
    -  Jordan
    -  South Korea
    -  Mexico
    -  Morocco
    -  Nicaragua
    -  Oman
    -  Panama
    -  Peru
    -  Singapore

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