Successful technology commercialization projects require a multi-disciplinary approach. Being able to generate these projects in a sustainable effort requires building and maintaining an ecosystem. This consists of creating and connecting together various inputs and resources into a network that supports:

  • Creating and exchanging ideas.
  • Collaborating on projects.
  • Participation from public and private organizations.
  • Attracting funding, investment, and in-kind support to sustain the system.
  • Generating sufficient outcomes and returns to public and private participants.

The Turner Center helps companies access this ecosystem as it represents a very comprehensive resource for supporting many kinds of individual commercialization projects.

Bradley University Assistance

Using the ecosystem, our Center works with companies on a project-by-project basis. Because these projects involve a wide spectrum of people skills and experiences, the Center provides services to a diverse set of individuals, including:

  • For entrepreneurs: assessing potential areas of innovation, reviewing business development needs, and evaluating ways that Bradley can assist in technology commercialization.
  • For faculty and students: discussing industry collaboration and necessary agreements, identifying areas for technology innovation, and reviewing intellectual property.
  • For tech companies: assessing ways to collaborate with Bradley faculty and students and other tech companies, evaluating intellectual property, and discussing collaboration agreements.
  • For investors: networking with innovative early stage companies, assessing intellectual property, and reviewing investment and project management strategies.