The Foster College of Business Administration Introduces a New Major in Entrepreneurship

by Dr. Fred L. Fry, Professor of Management

Winter 2003


As is obvious from other articles in this newsletter, the Turner Center for Entrepreneurship is having a major impact on entrepreneurship and economic development in the Central Illinois area. The academic side of Bradley's entrepreneurship programs is no exception. The Foster College has just received permission to offer a major in Entrepreneurship beginning next fall.

The major was developed to serve a growing demand by students who want to run their own business or at least be involved with smaller companies rather than large corporations. Even without the major, the number of students interested in the area has doubled in the last year.

The new Entrepreneurship major includes the following required and optional courses. Required courses have an asterisk.

  • BMA 382 Entrepreneurship*
  • BMA 383 Small Business Management*
  • BMA 384 Entrepreneurial Finance or
  • BMA 385 Technology Entrepreneurship
  • BMA 356 Human Resource Management*
  • BMA 356 Leadership and Interpersonal Behavior
  • BMA 357 Managerial Decision Making
  • BMA 488 Internship in Entrepreneurship
  • MTG 381, 393 or 410 Integrated Marketing
  • Communications, Retailing, or Services Marketing*
  • ECO 310 or 335 Labor Economics or Managerial Economics*