New Advanced NAFTA Training Program

by John M. Kolmer, NAFTA Specialist

Winter 2003


On January 28, the NAFTA Opportunity Center presented its new Level 2 training for the first time in Peoria. The Level 2 program is different from the center's past programs as it presents some of NAFTA's more challenging concepts such as accumulation of regional value content, designation of intermediate materials, and includes exercises and case studies that attendees will be able to complete in small groups during the program. The material presented in the program is aimed at an audience that has experienced prior NAFTA training.

For those who have not attended prior NAFTA Certificate training, the NAFTA Opportunity Center is still conducting its Level 1 program. The Level 1 program covers the basics of how to ensure your products qualify for NAFTA preferential tariff treatment and has been designed for both the beginner and for those seeking a refresher prior to attending the Level 2 training.

For information about the dates and location of upcoming NAFTA training seminars please call (309) 677-3631.