Small Business

Venture Capital: Is it Right for Your Business?

With the slow economy and banks being more strict in lending, many businesses are looking at alternatives for funding. Near the top of the list is Venture Capital (VC) funding.


Free Trade for Manufacturers: Calculating Regional Value Content

In its drive to expand market access for American exporters, the Bush administration continues to negotiate free trade agreements (FTAs) with individual nations and trade blocs at a rapid pace. These new FTAs (with Chile, Singapore, Australia, and other countries) are creating unprecedented access for U.S. ...


Using the Internet to Enter New Markets

While nothing replaces the need to travel to a market and meet with potential partners face-to-face, there are many ways a company can increase its exposure in foreign markets without leaving the office. Internet usage is growing worldwide, and there are many methods of using the Internet to improve international exposure.


U.S., Australia to Sign Free Trade Agreement This Month

The U.S. - Australia Free Trade Agreement (FTA) was signed on May 18. This landmark agreement is the first FTA between the United States and a developed country since the U.S. - Canada Free Trade Agreement (which later became part of NAFTA) was signed in 1988.


International Accounting Projects

The trade centers are selecting companies to participate in international accounting research projects as part of our undergraduate and graduate accounting programs. There is no cost to participate. Please contact Jim Foley at (309) 677-3075 for more details.