Small Business

Use Publicity to Grow Your Business

How did they do it? Last Sunday, the local paper ran a feature story on one of your competitors and now their business is booming. The answer is publicity.


Product Classification Available

The ITC/NOC has received an increased number of inquiries regarding product classification, especially to obtain Schedule B numbers when exporting. Accurate Schedule B classifications are important to ensure proper export compliance, NAFTA preferential treatment, and may ultimately impact foreign import duties.

Innovative Illinois - A Success Story

Created to recognize and reward the best Illinois has to offer in small business innovation, Innovative Illinois achieved its goal...and more. From the near 100 firms that entered this first ever Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity statewide sponsored business plan competition, 32 businesses survived two rounds of tough competition to participate in the final competition to make their presentation to a panel of judges.


Rules of Origin NAFTA and other Free Trade Agreements

Many companies currently export to customers located in Canada and/or Mexico with the benefit of preferential duty rates that result from the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Others sell products to companies that incorporate components into another product which is subsequently exported. New to export companies are seeking to make their first sale into Canada and/or Mexico.