Small Business

Innovative Illinois 2007

Launched last year as a statewide business plan competition, Innovate Illinois will take on an exciting new look for 2007.

AES Direct: A Better Way to File Your SED

U.S. firms exporting goods (with some exceptions) must file a document called the Shipper's Export Declaration or SED*. This document is used both in compiling the official U.S. export statistics and for export control purposes.


Competing with Mass Merchandisers

Mass merchandisers, particularly the discount general merchandisers such as KMart and Wal-Mart, have captured market share from smaller competing firms. It is possible for smaller firms to survive in such an environment, but substantial changes in operations are usually required.


Changes to Harmonized Tariff Schedule/Schedule B Classification System in 2007

Companies in International Trade need to be aware that the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (HTSUS imports) and Schedule B (exports) are undergoing massive changes in 2007.


Search Engines are Getting Friendlier

The major concept learned at a recent Search Engine Strategies Conference in Chicago is: search engines want good content from webmasters. Representatives from Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and Ask Jeeves answered questions and provided valuable information.