Finding Great Foreign Partners

Selecting the right foreign partner in a new country is a critical marketing decision. The right partner can lead to new sales and profits. The wrong partner may mean significant lost sales, poor branding, and ultimately withdrawal from the market. For most companies, their first foreign partner is their agent or distributor.


SpotLight India

After a ten-year absence, I returned to India this spring with a group of Bradley students.  My immediate impression was of how much India has progressed.  Considering all of the attention its booming economy receives, I suppose I should not have been surprised.


Benefits of the Proposed US-Columbia Free Trade Agreement

There has been considerable press recently surrounding the proposed free trade agreement with Colombia. Free trade agreement negotiations are complex and at times it can be difficult to understand the benefits, leading to confusion. To best understand the advantages of the US-Colombia FTA, it is helpful to highlight the expected benefits.