Enhanced International Research Data

By James Foley, Director, Turner Center/Operations,
FCBA International Programs, Bradley University

The Illinois SBDC International Trade Center recently gained access to significant new data sources to support better international marketing insights for clients.  Access to this data has been made possible by grant support from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity.

Datamyne:  This extensive database tracks imports and exports of specific companies.  Traditional trade data, such as UNComtrade, is summarized at the harmonized code level.  This data is helpful to identify overall export opportunities within certain industry or product sectors.  However, it does not clarify what a specific company is doing internationally.  Datamyne’s database is based on ocean bills of lading so in many cases, detailed company and product information is available.  Datamyne also has extensive import and export bills of lading for a number of Latin American countries.

Infogroup / OneSource:  This resource offers access to a database of nearly five million international company listings grouped by industry, product code, or free text searching.  It has an additional 15 million U.S., Canada, and U.K. records.  Each record includes a corporate summary of a company’s activities, industry sectors, and finances, including any parent/subsidiary connections.  OneSource also has a number of Datamonitor industry reports which can be very useful insights into international marketing opportunities in specific industry sectors. 

In addition to the international listing, the U.S. company database is extremely comprehensive, featuring links to lifestyle and demographic information.  It can answer a question such as, “How many bicycle or auto enthusiasts live within a 30 mile radius of Peoria?”

Kompass:  This database is similar to OneSource.  However, it offers additional searching capabilities including by harmonized code or ‘importer’ versus ‘manufacturer.’ Together, Kompass and OneSource offer the ability to better understand how attractive a foreign market may be for a U.S. exporter and potentially identify foreign buyers.

IBIS World:  Included in this resource are the Global Industry Research Reports.  Each provides a macro review of the international opportunities in a specific sector.  This includes reports such as global pharmaceuticals and medicine, global consumer electronics, and global coal mining.  IBIS World is also useful for service exporters as it has a number of service industry reports such as global architectural services and global engineering services.

For more details of these resources, please contact Jim Foley at (309) 677-3075 or by email.