Trade Data - Where Do Companies Find a Reliable Data Source?

By Beatriz Poloney, Free-Trade Agreement Specialist,

Illinois SBCD International Trade Center


Exporters and importers are constantly looking for reliable trade data. Trade data is an important part of any company’s research as it grows internationally. Trade statistics are essential for a number of tasks including foreign market identification and competitor research.

In order to assist our clients with reliable trade data, the Illinois SBDC International Trade Center (ITC) at Bradley University has acquired Datamyne. 

Datamyne trade statistics are provided by the United States Census Bureau and Customs Border Protection and are compiled from bills of lading (BOL), then updated daily by Datamyne. This information is included in the external trade statistics and can answer the common question of  “Which products and where are particular countries importing from or exporting to”?  Datamyne, however takes it one step further by using trade data specialists working on the ground in 48 countries, with contacts inside government agencies and economic sectors thereby making it possible to find information such as names and addresses for importers and exporters in the United States. The data is particularly strong in Latin America with the exception of Brazil, and Argentina. For Europe and Asia, Datamyne includes countries of origin, countries of purchase, and ports of delivery among other data sets.

Datamyne is a searchable statistical data platform. For instance, entering simple words (e.g. coal) or the Harmonized Code (HC) for a specific product makes it easy to follow the trends surrounding a particular commodity and evaluate the progress of a particular market. A competitor name can be entered to find where the company is selling to.  Additional information available includes volume, price, and geographic destination. 

The Illinois SBDC International Trade Center at Bradley University is available to  help you learn how the Datamyne data may be used to make Illinois exporters more competitive or better understand new market opportunities.  For more information please contact Beatriz R. Poloney at (309) 677-3075 or e-mail at