Euromonitor International: Insights into Global Markets

By Beatriz R. Poloney, Free Trade Agreement Specialist,

Illinois SBDC International Trade Center

Euromonitor International is a data source for consumer markets used for conducting international market research.  (

The Americas, Australia and Oceania, Africa, Asia, and Europe are all part of Euromonitor’s network. Euromonitor focuses on the economic process with specific attention to consumer behavior.

Euromonitor offers statistical information related to the consumer goods market. This includes analysis examining the influence in consumer behavior, competitor intelligence, consumer lifestyle indicators, income and expenditures determined by market segmentation, market size, market share, projections, and company profiles inside each country.

The in-depth data is compiled from national statistical sources, private industry, and trade associations. Euromonitor covers the diverse sectors of consumer goods to travel and services. It has the capability of providing industry reports that contain statistics for processed foods, alcoholic drinks, automotives, beauty and personal products, consumer appliances, electronics, consumer health goods, home and garden, home care, industrial needs, luxury goods, packaging goods, pet care, retailing goods, toys, and more.

Euromonitor is useful for manufacturers when their final product is targeted to consumers. For example, by typing “pet industry in Argentina” into the search engine, one can find statistical data for sales, key trends, and developments. The search will also lead to summaries related to consumer behavior in response to pet care, pricing, involved companies at the national level, government regulations, pet food options, and so forth. This process is no different in relation to items for personal care, healthcare, and medical investment per country. For example, when it comes to the automotive industry, and for those is producing parts for cars, Germany would be one of the target markets. Euromonitor can provide information on volume of sales, maintenance and repair, retail sales, and a summary about the country.  


If you would like further details on how Euromonitor can assist you in your international decision making, or if you would like to find country specifics, please contact Beatriz Poloney at (309) 677-3075 or