Success in Government Contracting and Beyond...

By Linda Krendick, Director
Illinois Procurement Technical Assistance Center

Dental Arts Laboratories, Inc. (DAL) has been providing quality solutions for fixed, removable, cosmetic, and implant prosthetic dentistry to dental professionals since 1934. DAL is another Peoria business that continues to reinvent itself in order to grow in their competitive dental laboratory industry. The success of the business is due to the unique dental products they offer using quality and innovative materials. DAL has 11 laboratories located in the Midwest that offer a comprehensive level of service using the latest advancements in dental technology. Their team is led by A. Terry Knueppel, CEO, Bruce Colgin, President, and R. Scott Clark, Executive Vice President. Their success has also been attributed to their experienced dental laboratory technicians, their dedication to customer service, and their sophisticated marketing tools. They are continually researching innovative materials, equipment, and processes in the industry to continue to grow the business. Ryan Johnson, DAL’s Chief Technology Officer, oversees the research and development of innovative products and processes to keep DAL on the cutting edge of dental technology.

In March 2009, Rosanne Nau, DAL’s Vice President of Accounting, and Lynda Lofgren, DAL’s SalesDental Arts Laboratories Manager, visited the IL PTAC center to see if there were any opportunities in federal or state contracting. DAL possesses the key elements the federal government uses as a standard for awarding contracts to an established commercial business:

  • Strong management team
  • Quality products
  • Past performance in the commercial market
  • Fair pricing
  • Stable financials
  • History of on time delivery

Immediately, Rosanne and Lynda began receiving solicitations to review. They passed these on to their sales group for pricing and then prepared for contracting with certifications, registrations, and submitting bids. There was a need in the government market, and DAL used their leverage as a small business to win contracts. Their federal government success since 2009 has been with Veterans Administration hospitals and clinics located in Texas, Pennsylvania, and Nevada. Year after year, they continue to submit bids and to win contracts.