SBDC Continues Successful Senior Project Program

By Ken Klotz, Director-Programs
Turner Center of Entrepreneurship

The Turner Center’s SBDC is home to one of the oldest and largest programs of its kind in the nation – the “Bradley Senior Consulting Project Program”. Beginning more than 25 years ago, this program has harnessed the combined creativity and energy of more than 5,000 students to complete projects for more than 1,000 companies. Every project is designed to provide senior business students with an opportunity to apply their accumulated business knowledge to a “real world” situation at lower cost to the participating business.

During their senior year, every Bradley business student must participate as part of a consulting team, working on a specific problem for a local business. Each consulting team will spend hundreds of hours on their project. The project includes a complete industry analysis, a survey of customers or potential customers, and specific recommendations that address the company’s concerns. The program is designed to require only a small time commitment from the business each week to meet with team members. Each project culminates in a detailed report and oral presentation to the client.

Examples of past projects include:

  1. customer satisfaction/needs survey - which has proven useful in designing product/service offerings and setting prices;
  2. a complete strategic analysis and growth plan; 
  3. feasibility studies to determine whether to expand into new locations or new product/service lines; 
  4. analyzing current marketing efforts and providing suggestions to get better results for the promotion dollar; and 
  5. a comprehensive marketing plan.
  6. Other project suggestions are welcome.

Every project is supervised by a business management professor. The projects will begin in late August and conclude in December. Companies of any size and from any industry can participate.

For further information or to obtain an Application, please call the Small Business Development Center at (309) 677-2992, or complete our online application at: