Growth Wheel ® Provides New Tools to Accelerate Business Growth

By Ken Klotz, Director, Turner Center Programs

For businesses facing challenges or seeking growth opportunities, the Turner Center for Entrepreneurship has a new set of easy-to-use visual planning tools that will help an entrepreneur get focused, set agendas, make decisions, and take action.  “GrowthWheel” is a decision making toolkit that will help business managers save valuable time by rapidly focusing on problem identification and setting action plans.

Regardless of the industry or life cycle stage a business is in, all businesses have the same four basic business challenges:

Growth Wheel1) design an attractive business offering; 2) build and maintain a strong organization; 3) develop long-lasting client relationships; and 4) maintain profitable operations. The GrowthWheel system will aid business managers in planning and decision making in all four areas.

The main components of GrowthWheel analysis include:

360 Degree Overview:  An assessment tool that enables a business manager to rapidly identify the most pressing challenges on which to focus.  Among the 20 areas explored are: product portfolio; market position; employees; production and delivery; and communications and Public Relations.

Frameworks:  Visual roadmaps intended to generate ideas and “frame” the conversation for more targeted discussions.

Worksheets:  More than 250 worksheets used to help managers make more rapid, well-reasoned decisions on a specific business challenge.


30/60/90 Day Action Plans:  Custom created checklists of immediate and longer-term action steps required to get things done.

GrowthWheel helps managers to build their businesses through a simple action-focused process that matches how most entrepreneurs think and work.  By utilizing only those tools pertinent to the client’s specific situation, the advisors at the Turner Center are able to customize the experience for maximum impact.  Growth Wheel services are provided to clients at no charge.  To schedule an appointment or to get more information on Growth Wheel services, call the Illinois SBDC at Bradley University at (309) 677-4321.