U.S. Delegation to the Hannover Messe

U.S. Delegation to the Hannover Messe

James Foley, Director, Illinois SBDC International Trade Center

Update January 11, 2016: The White House has confirmed the President Obama will be the first sitting president to attend the Hannover Messe.  This means even greater support and exposure for U.S. companies participating.  Read more here.

The Hannover Messe trade fair in Hannover, Germany, is the world’s largest trade fair for industrial technology, machines, and components. For the first time, the United States is the official partner country for the show April 25 to 29, 2016. This means an even higher profile for U.S. companies exhibiting at the show.  U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker is leading the delegation and the current plans include a visit by President Obama.  As the partner country, U.S. companies will have an unprecedented opportunity to be prominently featured in U.S. exhibition halls and during special events.  Given the massive size of the trade show with over 6,000 exhibitors in over 25 halls, this increased exposure makes the 2016 show particularly important for U.S. companies.  And though the show is based in Germany, it has a very strong international participation with attendees coming from 70 countries.

The U.S. delegation is open to any U.S. company that serves the wider industrial and manufacturing sector. However, the U.S. Department of Commerce has identified four sectors that will receive particular attention during the show. The following is a partial listing of those sectors:

Efficiency, Storage & Mobility: includes power generation and storage; renewable energies; heat and cold generation; distributed energy generation; electricity infrastructure for mobility; hybrid drive technology; intermodality in public transport, logistics, fleet management; and related infrastructure technologies (AC/DC, conductive / inductive, e call, etc.)

Energy: electric power systems (ups, accumulators, switching equipment, capacitors and inductors, etc.); transmission & distribution / grid technologies; cable technologies; smart metering; load management; measuring equipment; technical building installations; pipeline technology including conveyors and compressors; and heating technology.

Industrial Supply: includes original formed parts (casting, sintering); metal parts formed without cutting; machined metal parts; plastic and rubber processing; models, dies, jigs, and fixtures; cable and wire for data transfer; automotive technology; coil winding; fans; contracting and plant engineering; service for industrial supply; and facility maintenance and management.

Materials “Know How”: includes lightweight construction including applications & materials, mold making, and construction; adhesive solutions; surface treatment of plastic parts; biodegradable products; material testing; composites; nanomaterials; micro parts; ceramics; smart materials; titanium; high-strength steels; coasting; plastic fibers; natural and wood fiber materials; and polymer materials.

ISTEP Funds available: To support the participation and success of Illinois companies, a limited number of grant funds are available to support travel and exhibition costs. The program, known as ISTEP, reimburses between 25% to 75% of booth and travel costs up to a maximum reimbursement of $7,500.  The funds are available to qualifying companies on a first-come, first-serve basis.

For more information on the Hannover Messe or ISTEP funds, contact Jim Foley at (309) 677-3075 or jff@bradley.edu.