“Brave Launch teaches more than just the lean business model. What you learn is a way to constantly iterate and do customer discovery to help you make it over each hurdle that you face. I have gone back to the customer discovery process that I learned in Brave Launch many times since going through. Each time it has opened my eyes to what changes need to be made in the business at that particular time to keep the business moving forward in a way that adds value to our customers.”

- Spencer Null, Dir. Product Development, Natural Fiber Welding, Inc

“Through great mentors, teachers and speakers, Brave Launch has helped us to implement strategies based on rigorous analysis and metrics to monitor and quantify the results of our business actions. Brave Launch is great for any business owner operating a startup or current business owners wishing to refine and or develop business growth strategies and opportunities.”

“Brave Launch has allowed me to improve my skills as an entrepreneur by developing a better understanding of the transfer of value that exists at all levels of my business, allowing my business to grow exponentially. It taught me how to leverage resources to provide both immediate and long-term value for my company.”

- Andy Champion, Founder of The Oakford Group, Inventor of the Invertabelt