Information for Businesses

Are you working in a business that currently has a problem? You don't have the time or expertise to solve the problem yourself, or you simply want to get input from a group of students with the resources of the University behind them? Then you should apply to the Enterprise Program. This program was inspired by such programs as Cal State, Michigan Tech, and the University of Illinois.

Teams of students from a mixture of departments across campus will be assembled based on specific disciplines andbrought together to consult for you. The group works directly with a contact from yourfirm, and is advised by one of theTurner Center for Entrepreneurship staff. The project canlast anywhere from a week to a month or longer, depending on the complexity of the problem needing addressed. Students will then be compensated at the culmination of the project.

Youmay propose any type of related project as long as it contains specific deliverables from the team. Currently, the Enterprise program is forming teams around Social Media and Website Design, but any additional teams can be formed based on a current need ofyours.

Once the scope of the project has been defined, the students embark on the bulk of the project. Students work mostly from campus, but keep in regular contact with the company. Students are usually able to travel to the client for any necessary meetings and to view the facility (if applicable).

Students will provide a full report of the work they performed to the client, with recommendations for the client moving forward.

Enterprise Client Responsibilities

  • Complete the online Enterprise Application and Client Profile Form (if not previously completed).
  • Attend the informational meeting at the beginning of the project. At this meeting the advising TCE staff memberwill go over the project in greater detail and discuss the confidentiality statement signed by all of the participating students.
  • Be available to the students to answer questions throughout the projectand provide the team with additional information relevant to the project as necessary.
  • Attend the final presentation of recommendations at the end of the project.
  • Agree to the terms of the quote provided by the Turner Center for Entrepreneurship at the beginning of the project.